96th Annual Dinner Meet, Grassington 2018

This years dinner meet was once again held at Grassington. 18 people took advantage of the excellent accommodation offered at the Grassington Bunk Barn, but numbers were severely down on the previous year.

Dennis Chapman herded a team of volunteers to produce a fine, 3 course communal meal, which was greatly appreciated by all. Luke Travis gave a talk on his recent trip to Kurdistan, accompanied by some very fine slides of stunning mountainous scenery in a very remote location. I gave a slide show of my travels through the year and we finished of with some rock climbing slides of Morocco taken by Nigel.

The weather forecast on Thursday was dire, predicting rain for most of the day, but by late Friday this had improved significantly to some rain in the morning, then brightening up for the rest of the day. Happy they got it wrong – it was overcast in the morning, but dry, and by lunchtime the sun was breaking through. 13 of us trekked over the lead mine workings to Grimwith Reservoir, then down towards Burnsall. We then headed to Hebden, where we with enjoyed either good coffee and cake in the cafe or a fine pint in the pub. In best Griststone tradition the group then split into 2 groups. The majority returning by a direct route to the bunk barn, while 5 of us retuned to the river and walked up to Grass Woods, enjoying beautiful autumn sunshine. We then returned to the bunk barn via Upper Grass Woods and across fields, leaving enough time to ready ourselves for the dinner at the Black Horse in Grassington.

The number of members taking dinner was poor. Why I don’t know. The event was well advertised and 2 lots of emails were sent out to members. Feed back from those who didn’t attend would be appreciated.

We had 2 guests for the dinner – John Sutcliffe, representing the Yorkshire Ramblers, and Peter Huff from the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association. We were well looked after by the hotel staff and enjoyed a very good 3 course meal.

Alan Moss gave an entertaining speech, involving some poor attractive woman, who fell and injured herself at Stanage, before toasting the Kindered Clubs. John Sutcliffe responded on behalf of the Kindred Clubs and Peter Huff thanked the club for a very pleasant evening, adding that he hoped he wouldn’t see us on the hill!

Susan Melia talked about the friendship and comradery offered by the club and the trips she had had with other club members. She then presented the toast to the club. The President responded highlighting some of the issues which the club faces moving forward. A good evening!

Sunday dawned bright and clear and frosty, but many were still sleeping off the effects of the night before. By 9 the skies were clouding over , but no rain was forecast. Groups were preparing to set of on walks or go climbing as I left – my son’s dog needed a walk!

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