Huts Usage Update

The Government has agreed to relax the rules regarding social distancing and mixing with people from 17 May 2021. The Committee has review the previous precautions, which were issued when the huts first opened.

A copy of  “Precautions for hut use – update 17 May 2021” has been email to all members and can found on SYNC, under Gritstone Club Cloud Storage and Archive Huts Coronovirus. This will be in place until further notice. Provisionally, the restrictions may end on 21 June 2021, but we will  wait for Government guidance to be confirmed, before any relaxation is agreed.

The Committee is recomending that 6 people from different households, or a an unrestricted number from 1 household, can use the Smithy , and 3 people from different households or a an unrestricted number from 1 household can use Ribblehead (space is more limited and social distancing more difficult).

Nearly back to normal!

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