Organising and running a meet

Being a host.

  • To be a host you can do as little as put your name to a meet on a particular day at one of our huts and turn up.
  • It is best to check on the meets calendar before hand to make sure you will not be double booking.
  • Giving the meet a title gives people an idea of what to expect. You will hopefully receive e-mails from attendees in advance to get an idea of how many are coming.
  • You may or may not wish to cater. Sometimes people cook for their guest usually on a Saturday evening but there is no expectation of this.
  • Just let the meets sec  know in your meet details what to expect.
  • If you want advice its well worth speaking to another member, who has experience of running meets

For meets at other venues e.g other huts you usually need to coordinate the booking of the accommodation.

The  BMC has an extensive list of other  Clubs huts  huts which which are available to book.

Click the link below to see the BMC hut list PDF


Hut List 12_01_2018.