Can any members help out with this?

Help wanted Dick Lane
The path at Dick Lane (½ km East of Stoodley Pike) is an important route linking Mytholmroyd and Cragg Vale with the pike. It has been deteriorating for many years and is now almost impassable unless you are wearing waders!
CROWS now have one-off funding in place to put in 100ft of boardwalks so walkers can cross the drainage problems.
Our problem is that we need to transport 250 (mostly short) lengths of timber up to the site which is a pretty big task. So we want to enlist the help of local walkers and runners to help us with a bit of ‘crowd portering’.
The timber will be at Swillington farm from about 9.30 on Wednesday December 7th.
(Swillington Farm is the last farm on Kilnshaw Lane, NW of the Pike).
Can you spare us an hour to carry some timber? Or could you just arrange to do a walk or run that goes up to Stoodley Pike picking up a couple of pieces of timber on the way?
Please tell your friends – the more people we have to help, the easier it will be.
Any questions about this request, contact CROWS on or 0787 296 0942.
In the case of bad weather (eg snow) we will put a message up on our website ( at 8am to say whether we are going to cancel. We will also put a sign up at the Hebden Bridge end of Kilnshaw Lane.

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