Coronavirus and the Huts – update Nov 2020

From today 5 November 2020 our huts are no longer available for use by members or guests due to Lockdown, until at least the 2 December.

In addition, alterations to toilet and entrance hall are due to be carried out during the first week in December, and the works are expected to take about a week.

Regarding the use of huts during Lockdown the BMC advises that:

All overnight stays and holidays away from your primary residence will not be allowed. This will include camping, staying in vans (if not your primary residence), huts, self-catering,

hotels and holidays abroad and in the UK. Exemptions apply if you need to stay away from home for work, education or other legally permitted reasons.

The full advise for walkers and climbers provided by the BMC can be found at:

The committee asks that all members adhere to the requirements of the Lockdown measures. We will issue updates as required.


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