Discounts, cheap gear, entry fees and use of climbing huts

There are many financial benefits available to members of the Gritstone Club including gear, climbing wall entry and the use of huts around the country. Some come via BMC membership, whilst others have been negotiated by the Grits.The main ones are listed below. However if you know of others that I have missed let us know  and I will add them for the benefit of all members.

Rokt Climbing Gym – concession rates  for entry

Harrogate Climbing Centre – 20% shop discount evening, timing to be agreed during Feb / March 2013

Cotswolds – 15% discount via membership of the Harrogate Climbing Centre

BMC discounts – there are over 700 discount options from gear to hotels, other memberships etc. Worth a browse on the link provided. Typically 10%.

Climbing huts – there are a wide range of options for arranging hit accomodation, which the grits have agreed directly or are available via BMC membership. See the handbook or the BMC website. A listing current Jan 2013 is available –BMC huts

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