Rock-climbing from The Smithy (up to E1)-Andy Causer

The Smithy (the Lakes hut) is almost uniquely well-placed for quick access to Lakes climbing. The following list gives a brief summary of the low to mid-grade climbing available Near a major route and not in a dead-end valley.

Thirlmere and Borrowdale are the nearest areas, though Langdale is not far, over Red Bank from Grasmere. Most of these routes are covered in the Lake District Rock:Selected Climbs guide.
THIRLMERE – The two major crags are accessible on foot from The Smithy.

Castle Rock – 20 mins on foot. Two buttresses – North and South Crags. (Note that the North Crag is currently out-of-bounds owing to rock instability.)


North Crag
Overhanging Bastion VS ***

North Crag Eliminate E1**

Agony E1**

Thirlmere Eliminate E1***

South Crag
Gangway Climb V Diff**

Slab Climb S**

Via Media S**

Direct Route VS**

Kleinne Rinne VS**

BORROWDALE– a 15 to 30 mins. car ride, if you avoid the centre of Keswick. Probably the foremost Lakes valley for low-level climbing.

Lower Falcon Crag – 10 mins. from the road with many classics. A good place in drizzle!

Hedera Grooves MVS**

Spinup VS**

Lamplighter VS**

Illusion HVS***

Dedication E1***

Usurper E1***

Shepherd’s Crag –  5 mins. from the car park. Deservedly popular. Good farm tea shop!
Little Chamonix V Diff***

Ardus MVS***

Adam VS ***

Eve VS***

Fisher’s Folly VS***

Finale HVS***

Aaros E1***

The Bludgeon E1***

Black Crag – 20 mins. from the car park. A brilliant crag with some great classics!
Troutdale Pinnacle S***

Troutdale Pinnacle Direct VS***

Troutdale Pinnacle Superdirect HVS***

The Mortician HVS***

Raindrop E1***

Goat Crag – 40 mins from Grange. A large complicated crag, with more great routes, but little below VS. The best are E2 and above……
Praying Mantis E1***

Alone in Space E1***


Other crags include Reescastle and  Eagle Crag, with the better quality routes being E2 and above. Other worthwhile crags include Quayfoot Buttress, Sergeant Crag slabs, Gillercombe and Raven Crag together providing a worthwhile selection of routes.

Note – If you have particular information about individual climbs or links to articles or other information let us know.

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