Fairhead climbing – joint meet with the Pinnacle Club

Fairhead is one of the UK’s more impressive TRAD climbing venues – by the sea but more akin to a large mountain crag – interesting approaches and big quality routes. A good range of grades are available from about VS upwards. This is a week long trip from the 25th May. See more on the following links.

Fairhead, wiki

Fairhead, UKC

The details of the joint meet are coming together nicely. We have a small cottage in the village of Balintoy with great views of the Atlantic breakers – not far from Ballycastle which is close to the crag. Camping and other accomodation possibilities exist if numbers increase. Let Alex or me know as soon as you can if you are interested.

Balintoy info

The possibility exists to go either on the ferry or to fly. Those driving can probably take an extra bag of trad gear. Friends are apparently quite useful so we are thinking of arranging a discount bulk buy of gear. Again let us know if this sounds like a good plan.

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