Fairy Cave & Northern Dales Meet

30 June – 2 July 2017

Attendees: TE, Mike Wood, Andy Gledhill, Andrew Hinde, LM, AM, AD, Peter Barrans.

Haggs Bank Bunkhouse and campsite at Nenthead was the venue and provided excellent modern facilities.  Saturday saw the 4 cavers enjoy a 6 hour trip up the very long and wet but beautiful Fairy Hole Cave in Weardale- the longest single passage cave in the UK about 2 miles long, and of course back downstream which didn’t feel any easier than the way in.  A grand day out and good to be back caving.

LM and AM went for long walk up a windy Cross Fell, finding a colony of field voles (or were they water voles?) on the descent at 2000” whilst AD had a walk in the lakes with Dennis up Scafell Pike and Gt Gable before coming across to Nenthead.

On Sunday TE and AD, PB, AM and LM went for an exploration of Smallcleugh Mine at Nenthead with LM also enjoying a walk round the valley in lieu of trying to find the fabled Ballroom Flatts with the others; probably a good decision because it again eluded Tim’s underground navigation skills despite having a detailed mine survey; anyway we had a good look round everywhere else reasonably accessible including Smallclough Flatts and the horse level, and then repaired to the Miners Arms to check the survey in daylight- where we went wrong is still a mystery- next time Mike can lead us through..

Mike and Andy G went for a walk.

Tim Elliott

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