Huts Usage Updated 19 July – Restrictions extended until further notice

Precautions for the use of Gritstone Club huts after 19 July 2021

Following the Government’s relaxation of the rules in relation to Coronavirus, the Committee has considered the option of fully reopening the huts but has agreed to continue the the current precautions as a sensible option, until we receive guidance from the BMC, who are currently deliberating the issue.

The current guidance is for up to 6 people from different households, or a single household of up to any number of people will be allowed to use the Smithy, and, 3 people from different households, or a single household of up to 6 people will be allowed to use Ribblehead. Please note that there is still a risk of infection and users are asked to continue to be cautious and sensible when using the huts.

The Committee cannot guarantee that the huts will be COVID-19 free. We rely on the behaviour and actions of the members and guests using the huts to keep the huts as infection-free as is reasonably possible. Users should be aware that there may be risks, albeit small, and need to assess the risks themselves before booking the hut.

The Committee has agreed to allow back to back bookings at the huts, so it may be that another party is using the hut until 10 am on the day of your arrival.

The following precautions must be adhered to at all times when using the huts, until further notice:

  • The person booking the hut will be responsible for keeping a record of the people staying at the hut. The record must be kept for at least 3 weeks.

  • If you consider that you might be infected before your trip, advise Peter Barrans and do not continue with your booking unless you obtain a negative COVID-19 test result.

  • If you develop symptoms whilst staying at the hut, return home, advise Peter Barrans and update him once you receive your COVID-19 test result.

  • If you develop symptoms within 48 hours of vacating the hut, advise Peter Barrans and update him when you receive your COVID-19 test result.

  • Please do not arrive before 4pm.

  • Take your own tea-towels, towels, bedding/sleeping bags and a sheet to cover the mattress.

  • Thoroughly ventilate the building immediately on arrival and for one hour prior to departure. This means opening all windows and doors and leaving the front door open.

  • On arrival and definitely prior to departure, sanitise all surfaces in kitchen and bathrooms, wipe down tables and benches, handrails, door furniture and light switches. Sanitiser and cloths will be available.

  • Wash all pans, crockery and utensils before use.

  • Maintain good ventilation throughout your stay. Consider leaving the bathroom and kitchen extractor fans running (Smithy) and having windows open whenever you are in the hut. The stove also increases ventilation by drawing air from the room.

  • When two households are using the hut, ensure that households use separate dormitories. Consider allocating separate bathrooms, dining tables and staggering meal times to minimise household mixing in the kitchen.

  • When more than two households are present, spread out across the bunk rooms. Ideally, sleep with the door closed and windows open.

Please act responsibly, and bear in mind that other people will be using the hut after you.

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