Jack Bloor Race 2021

Message from Rob King, Jack Bloor Race Organiser.
Alas, the usual Jack Bloor Races will NOT be held this year. 
Organised outdoor sport can resume from 29 March. However, our races just cannot be readily adapted to the FRA Covid-19 Protocol that we would need to observe (no spectators, no mass start, social distancing throughout, etc).
Hopefully, we can all return on 10th May 2022
To help keep the spirit of the Jack Bloor Race alive I am planning to organise and promote a ‘MapRun’ event. It’s very simple. Runners download the MapRun6 app to a smart phone. The ‘race’ is open for a period, eg the month of May. The runner turns up to Darwin Gardens, Ilkley in their own time. Starts the app. Runs the JBRace course. GPS tracks their route and timings. On finishing their race time is automatically recorded and displayed online. Other runners’ times are added whilst the ‘race’ window is open and final results determined once the window closes. There is absolutely no personnel nor equipment on site beside the runner.