Organising and running a meet

Being a meet c-ordinator.

  • To be a meet co-ordinator you can do as little as put your name to a meet on a particular day at one of our huts and turn up.
  • It is best to check on the meets calendar before hand to make sure you will not be double booking.
  • Giving the meet a title gives people an idea of what to expect. You will hopefully receive e-mails from attendees in advance to get an idea of how many are coming.
  • You may or may not wish to cater. Sometimes people cook for their guest usually on a Saturday evening but there is no expectation of this.
  • Just let the meets sec  know in your meet details what to expect.
  • If you want advice its well worth speaking to another member, who has experience of running meets

For meets at other venues e.g other huts you usually need to coordinate the booking of the accommodation.

The  BMC has an extensive list of other  Clubs huts  huts which which are available to book.

Click the link below to see the BMC hut list PDF


Hut List 12_01_2018.

Here is some fuller advice regarding being a meet co-ordinator based on the ‘duties of a meet co-ordinator’ in the club handbook

  1. ‘Arrange the form and venue of the meet’ the easiest meets to organise are at the smithy and ribblehead huts. There is little to organise apart from arranging the date and turning up. Consult the website meets calendar to find a suitable free date and inform the meets secretary of your plans. GIVE YOUR MEET A TITLE
  2. ‘Make any necessary bookings’. See above for The Smithy and Ribblehead. If venturing further afield, contact the relevant club to book their hut  or make other arrangements (camping bunkbarn etc) Once your meet is published members will contact you to confirm their intention to go on the meet so you can firm booking numbers as necessary.
  3. ‘Provide details of meet arrangements’ As well as the meet title a brief description of likely activities is useful. e.g climbing walking etc. Send this for inclusion in the newsletter before the meet (March June Sept Dec) This description aan also be added as a link on the meets calendar.
  4. ‘Co-ordinate transport’ If anybody contacts you regarding sharing a lift , inform other prospective attendees to see if a share can be organised. In practise members usually organise lift shares amongst themselves.
  5. ‘Co-ordinate activities’ This does not mean ‘organise activities’ Basically make sure no-one gets left out of the proceedings. Often members will split into different groups and do different activities. The club activities have n leader . We ‘walk or climb in company’.
  6. ‘Collect fees etc’ Check everyone has signed into the Smithy hut book. Most memebers do this automatically when they arrive but some may need reminding. There is an ashtray on top of the fridge which is used as an informal kitty, so people can deposit money and mark it in the book. Your job is to make sure all the money is paid, this is usually doen on a Sunday morning before people disperse for the day. Fill in one of the remittance slips for all the money and send it tot he treasurer or transfer the money by BACS quoting the slip number.
  7. ‘Submit a brief report’. As meet co-rdinator you need to enter something in the hut logbook and lso write a report for the newsletter. As a minimum a meet report for the newsletter should list the attendees and a short description of what was done on the meet. Send the report to preferably with some photos.