New Year Meet

17 members and guests.

 This meet was one of the wettest and dullest of any of the Smithy New Year Meets. Drawing back the curtains at 8.30 am, there were several days when, through the gloom, it was just possible to make out that the mist was below the top of The Rigg. Not an encouragement for early starts. In fact, the worst of the rain tended to come overnight and the packhorse bridge just below the hut, which was passable at the start of the holiday, had the far abutment in the centre of a large lake by the end of it.

Full marks for determination must go to Karen and Mark S, Carol P, John W and Jim L (guest), for completing a circuit of the District over four days. Huts visited were Patterdale (The Old School-house, ABMSAC), Langdale (Raw Head, FRCC) and Borrowdale (The Bowderstone, NMC). On return they proclaimed the joys of the expedition but, as they washed their socks, their webbed feet betrayed a slightly different scenario.

There were expeditions to Catbells (windy), up Ullock Pike, Jenkin Hill, Lonscale Fell and back via Latrigg; a circuit of Grasmere and Rydal Water; up the Newlands Valley to Dale Head Tarn, to be blown back over Maiden Moor. Meanwhile Ken J, having gone from the top of Sticks to within a few hundred yards of Helvellyn summit, decided that a retreat was preferable to being blown into Red Tarn.

Peter Haigh

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