Pandemic Quiz 2.

Pandemic Quiz 2.

Answers to last weeks quiz:

1 Almscliffe, Great Western and Mick Green

2 Langdale Pikes from The Band – path up to Bow Fell/Crincle Crags

3 & 4 Dew, Stanza Stone below Rivock Edge and Doubler Stone, Addingham High Moor

5 Lindley bridge (GR 225 483)

6 Riffa Beck (GR 253 472)

7 Lippersley Ridge (on 1:25k map of Blubberhouses; GR 143 525)

8 Almscliffe

9 From Swirl How towards Scafell etc

10 Jean Jeanie at Trowbarrow

Quiz 2

Below are more of photographs to test your knowledge.

I will upload new photos next week and provide answers to the ones below. Please forward photographs from your area to Peter Barrans.


  A bridge near Holme Moss

Famous ridge in the Lakes?


A ridge near Threlkeld?


Small crag in Derbyshire?


Climb on Dow Crag?


North Wales scramble?


River crossing on the Wharfe?




Name the range and summits?


Famous north face in the Dolomites?



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