Pandemic Quiz 4.

Pandemic Quiz 4.

Answers to last weeks quiz:

1 Tower Ridge

2 Sutton Bank near the White Horse

3 Cerro Terro, Patagonia

4 Malham Cove

5 Byland Abbey, North Yorkshire

6 Bronte Bridge

7 Scafell Crag

8 Tenby

9 Eiger

10 Dent Du Geant

Quiz 4

Below are more of photographs to test your knowledge.

I will upload new photos next week and provide answers to the ones below. Please forward photographs from your area to Peter Barrans.


Famous Bridge and view


North Wales slabs


Pack horse bridge in the dales



Easy one taken from where


South Pennines – from where looking at?


One for you cyclists – which Col and who does the sculpture depict?

Another well known ridge and summit

One for you S Pennine people

Well known  towers in the Dollies?













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