Ribblehead Maintenance Meet 7/8th September 2013

The Ribblehead Maintenance Meet got off to a flying start with A.G. being woken up at 07.30 by the sound of D.B. sawing wood outside. By the time the meet organiser turned up half the hut had been creosoted and L.M. was well on with creosoting the fence. P.H. valiantly tackled the inside of the hut. T.E. arrived mid-afternoon and did the H + S checks.

The hut and fence were completed before the forecast rain arrived; so just enough time to apply a coat of Sikkens to the window frames. P.H. had already sorted out a couple of gas cylinders a few weeks earlier (thanks Peter). L.M bravely took away the pillow cases to be washed and a few binbags full of old pillows to be chucked away; she said she would buy some new ones!

One pillow case in particular deserves mention as P.H. recognised it from his past – it was over FIFTY years ago!!

Thanks due to all attendees: Dennis Beard; Andy Gledhill; Peter Haigh; Lynn Moss; Tim Elliot; Mike Wood.

A.G. and M.W. went to the Station in the evening to sample the beer. Not bad but the new pricing regime was unusual in that all beer was the same price regardless of it’s strength or origin, and not cheap either at £3.20 a pint.

On the Sunday A.G. and M.W. went for a walk around the sinkholes of Wild Boar Fell; P.H. went home.

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